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Started by TigerTMS, Apr 21, 2022, 04:39 AM

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What is Tigerpedia?
Tigerpedia is the knowledge base and discussion platform from TigerTMS that brings greater support and access to important materials for customers and partners.

Why is it available?
Tigerpedia has been designed to allocate the right levels of information to customers and partners. It contains important collaterals ranging from sales and marketing information, through to technical documents such as Installation Guides, End User Guides, and How do I information.

Tigerpedia is also a discussion forum where customers, resellers, and both authorised and authorised services partners can share information, ideas, or ask and answer questions.

What access will I get?
Due to the nature of the knowledge platform, access to Tigerpedia will be determined by your user profile.  Any TigerTMS customer, reseller, authorised partner or authorised services partner may request access, their user profile will be allocated once the application has been vetted.
Please note: The most interesting and important information on Tigerpedia is only available when you are logged in. Please sign up to access.